Phase #9 of The RecordShop begins!

The RecordShop Phase #9

Monday 12th August 2019

Come along to our events this summer!

This summer The RecordShop will be holding events that aim to showcase talent, broaden music knowledge, but most importantly, ensure you're having a good time!

We highly encourage you to come along to an event, as they can only be beneficial to your music career!

Ready to get your tickets?

Tottenham Hotspur Kit Launch!

Nike directly reached out to various young influencers based around Tottenham to model for their new Tottenham Hotspurs kit.

One of these models included the founder of The RecordShop, Mary Otumahana! This allowed The RecordShop to connect with more local artists such as Miraa May! and also work with a prestigious brand!

The RecordShop meets Odell Beckham Junior!

The RecordShop got to meet Odell Beckham Junior on his tour, celebrating the launch of his new shoes.

He spoke with each of The RecordShop' members and got to listen to some of their music performed live!

The RecordShop's founder, Mary Otumahana wins the Anjool Malde award!

Raising IT is a social enterprise and fundraising/charity business that has been annually holding young social enterprise awards since 2009.

Founder of The RecordShop, Mary Otumahana, won this year's 'Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year' Award!

Studio sessions for FREE!

The RecordShop will begin holding completely FREE recording sessions every Saturday! This allows aspiring artists that may not be able to pay for studio time to get their music professionally recorded without having to worry about prices. BOOK NOW! Email:

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