Introducing Seraphina – The 21 year old singer songwriter from North-west London

We had a chance to speak to The RecShop’s very own recording artist Seraphina, and get to know a little bit more about her journey as a musician.

Singer-Songwriter and The RecShop recording artist, Seraphina

How would you describe your sound?

 My music draws influence from a variety of sounds and genres, but my main sound descriptor would have to be Jhene Aiko. The sultry, free-flowing production and airy RnB vocals of Jhene’s music, best describes my sound. I make conscious music. Singing is not all I do, I also rap here and there.

Where do you see yourself as an artist?

I think my artistry is quite a niche. I’ve been able to establish my own unique selling point as I’ve used my music as a beacon of healing and spirituality. As a spiritual person myself, I see my artistry being tied together with musical and holistic healing. There is definitely more than what meets the eye with music, and those that love the music on a deeper level can attest to this. The vibrations and emotions that is carried via the musical process is something so potent, and I, therefore, see my art being a reflection of that and aiding in making people feel whole when listening to my music. My music will be a channel for holistic healing. Of course, alongside that, I wish to excel commercially in the music business. Making renowned bodies of work and albums, and headline shows are all apart of the plan for my musical career.

Who are some of your favourite artists?

 I love Lil Wayne. He’s such an incredible rapper and a favourite artist of mine.  I think what he did with the YMCMB (Young Money Cash Money Business) in 2008/9 was monumental in rap music. Nicki Minaj also stands as one of my favourite artists. We can’t forget the greats that created a blueprint for the rest of us, and so I will always hail Nina Simone as one of my favourites.

How would you describe your experience at The RecShop?

 I really enjoyed my time at The RecShop. It was such a safe space full of abundance and good vibes. Everyone was so friendly and helpful and aided in making my music making process so comfortable. The team is honestly so cool.

What more can we expect from Seraphina?

 Spiritual healing and my music being an embodiment of that is what you guys will see more of from me. As well as helping the community by doing youth work and helping the BAME community. Expect to see a few collaborations, more poetry and open mic performances as well as working on putting out my debut EP.


Where can people find you?

 My Instagram is and my SoundCloud is @seraphina.ldn


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